Putting our customers first starts with an investment in our own people and facilities. While we have steadily outpaced our market share growth we maintained a low ratio of customers-to-engineers and customers-to-service managers to help ensure our promise of greater than 98% uptime

We know our managers and engineers on a first name basis. They’re part of our family.


We use only original spare parts

In order to minimize delays in making repairs, our parts depots are strategically located across Europe, backed by major spare part hubs in the Netherlands, Singapore, Atlanta and Tokyo. All parts we use are new, original spare parts to ensure your equipment operates at the highest level of performance and safety.

We ensure quality and safety

To ensure you’ll always be delivered the best quality products and services, all procedures and trainings within Canon are subject to meet the highest quality standards, including EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. All Canon service representatives receive comprehensive mandatory and statutory training, including business ethics, electrical safety, radiation protection and health & safety.

We’re flexible and mobile

Canon offers a range of turnkey and mobile options to minimize downtime and disruption at your facility. To bridge new equipment installations or temporary high workloads, we provide short-term installations and a wide range of mobile solutions through our Secondlife refurbishment program.