The Mobirex i9 has a very compact design and small footprint which makes it easy to maneuver through the hospital. It has excellent forward visibility and requires limited space for storage.

Telescopic column & arm

Extendable and retractable telescopic arm allows easy access to the patient.
Extendable and retractable column minimizes blind spots during movement.
Safety is improved since it is not necessary to check the screen during movement and operation.

Fine positioning capable

The fine positioning buttons allow components to be operated simultaneously.
Positioning operation can be conveniently performed from either side of the column.
On the tube head, there are two small movement buttons to access fine positioning of the unit during bedside positioning.

Mobility and maneuverability

Power assist technology makes the system travel smoothly and supports effortless positioning.

Innovation with Digital Technology

Innovation with proven image quality

Mobirex i9 is powered by Canon’s next generation digital wireless detectors and imaging software. The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors with integrated battery and image storage can be used on the system or shared with others.

Optimum image quality, minimum dose

Offering high resolution with a 125µm pixel size, diagnostic capability is improved.
Furthermore, combination with the CsI-based high-sensitivity FPD allows images to be acquired at lower dose levels than before.

Instant reproduction of imaging data

Images can be displayed on the main unit monitor about two seconds after radiography.
Acquired images can be confirmed immediately, which supports efficient examinations.
In the event of an error during radiography, imaging can be performed again on the spot.

Maximum information, minimum effort

Dynamic range adjustment processing allows images to be obtained with stable brightness over the entire imaging area. Moreover, the Advance Edge Enhancement function* helps the region of interest to be observed more easily, and scatter-correction processing* realizes high-contrast imaging with improved granularity. Therefore, it is possible to fully leverage data from acquired images.