Trauma DR Plus

The Trauma DR Plus is a dedicated and unique digital radiography solution for trauma departments and emergency rooms. The system can be manoeuvred around the patient quickly and easily without any need to move the patient, especially important in critical trauma situations including spinal injuries.

This system comprises a U-arm and the X-ray beam always remains centered to the image receptor so you never have to worry about misalignment. A wireless portable Canon Flat Panel Detector (FPD) provides instantaneous imaging and benefits from the integrated Automatic Exposure Control (AEC). This provides the highest possible image quality and ensures accurate and repeatable exposures with the lowest patient X-ray dose.

Advanced Trauma and Life Support (ATLS)

The Trauma DR Plus lends itself exceptionally well to the X-ray examination of trauma patients. The patient remains secure, typically on a spine board whilst the only movement is from the X-ray tube support overhead and the detector underneath, or to the side in lateral projections. The Advanced Trauma and Life Support Protocol (ATLS) specifies that the patient must remain very stable and secure.


Trauma DR Plus can be operated from the modern, touchscreen display on the X-ray tubehead. The display provides direct access to examination information and exposure controls. Although manually operated, Trauma DR Plus has an electric motor that assists the vertical movement.