Redefining MR efficiency

With patient friendly quiet procedures combined with motion correction and non-contrast, Vantage Elan delivers efficient technology to your daily MRI procedures.

ForeSee View

ForeSee View is an essential scan planning tool allowing you to preview slice planning in real time. Particularly useful in anatomies that can be difficult to plan such as the pancreas, the heart, and certain orthopedic joints, ForeSee View reduces the need for re-scanning and saves time on scan planning across all body regions

The desired cross section is displayed in real time in conjunction with the positioning operation.

ForeSee View’s excellent new feature reduces the need for re-scanning and saves time on scan planning for all body regions.

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With the complexity of scan planning, achieving scan plane reproducibility can be challenging and time-consuming. EasyTech technology takes away the variability and helps you improve workflow with automatic slice alignment for neuro, spine, knees and cardiac standardizing your workflow with automatic positioning.

EasyTech is available for the following applications:

Neuro: NeuroLine+
Spine: SpineLine+
Knee: SUREVOI Knee and KneeLine+
Cardiac: SUREVOI Cardiac and CardioLine+

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The desired cross section is displayed in real time in conjunction with the positioning operation.

Motion free imaging

Quick Star

Quick Star free breathing and motion reduction is especially useful in liver examinations and can be helpful for challenging patients that have difficulty holding their breath like older patients and young children.

A complete clinical solution for you and your patients

UTE (Ultrashort TE)

Allows clinicians to capture images in tissues that generally disappear too quickly for accurate MR imaging. This enables imaging of anatomy such as the lungs, helping providers obtain information to diagnose and treat their patients.

UTE imaging on MSK

Allows clinicians to evaluate structures with very short echo times such as connective tissue, fibrosis, and osteochondral unions. Most important amongst these structures are connective tissues and their derivatives (such as tendons meniscus, ligaments, and osteochondral structures).

A quieter MR exam for every patient, every sequence, every time

Vantage Elan also offers a range of high-end applications such as UTE and 4D-MRA that help to increase your patient sets for a more versatile MRI imaging suite.

mUTE* 3D T1

The mUTE application suppresses high-speed gradient field switching, making it possible to provide quiet scanning.

* mUTE: minimized acoustic noise utilizing UTE

Capturing hemodynamics with mUTE 4D-MRA

Vantage Elan’s UTE sequences allow for less dephasing and more homogeneous vessel signals. At the same time, the multiple TI (4D) generates dynamic images visualizing the blood flow without the need for contrast agents.

Patient safety and comfort continues to be the driving force behind Canon Medical Systems’ unique non-contrast MRA techniques enabling physicians to minimize patient risk while producing exceptional image quality.

Pianissimo Σ / Pianissimo Zen

Vantage Elan’s unique Pianissimo Σ(sigma)technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment for every patient, every sequence, every time. And Pianissimo Zen quiet sequences further reduce noise to just above ambient noise level, making exams even more comfortable and easier to complete.

** Depending on the condition of usage and examination

Workflow-driven applications making your work easier

Advanced post processing enhances diagnosis while helping to expand patient services

Access advanced applications with Olea/Vitrea™ post processing tools.

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