First class in cardiac ultrasound productivity and scanning comfort

Aplio’s intelligent workflow enhances automation and standardization, with a focus on minimizing steps to complete a scan. And now with Flexstyle, the carefully redesigned user interface enables a smooth transition to your preferred way of working. You can now adjust the panel height at the push of a button so that you can always work in an optimal position with very little effort.

Aplio makes your work flow

Aplio provides a host of intelligent workflow support and automation tools, helping you to achieve rapid results with consistent high quality regardless of the patient condition.

Switch to auto-pilot for cardiac ultrasound productivity

Aplio’s context-sensitive user interface is designed to make your imaging task simpler and quicker. While automated settings can deal with routine clinical needs, you always retain control over all imaging parameters when needed.

The mode-sensitive on-screen navigation for the central trackball boosts your workflow and efficiency.
By visually guiding you through the exam, it allows you to quickly adapt and operate the system.

Realtime QuickScan allows you to achieve greater consistency in your exams by ensuring that superb image quality is the benchmark at all times.

Thanks to Aplio’s embedded raw data functionality you can optimize, review, analyze and report your clinical data anytime with no loss of functionality.

A range of automated measurement and analysis tools help you increase accuracy, consistency and speed of your exams.

Soar through your cardiac exams – take more time where you need it

Canon Medical’s innovative workflow navigation solution provides you with the capability to follow user-defined protocols step-by step. This can help you improve your workflow, enhance the consistency of exams across the department or simply ensure all steps are done when finalizing the exam.

Aplio’s Protocol Assistant navigates you through your workflow, helping ensuring that you perform exams consistently patient after patient. While the clear, easy-to-read menu guides you through an exam, it also provides flexibility to step in and out whenever needed.

Supporting standard and user-defined protocols for both physical and pharmacological stress, Aplio offers a comprehensive package for fast and accurate wall motion assessment.

Go wireless to gain better access

Aplio i-series allows you to remotely operate the system from a wireless tablet. This is especially helpful during MSK and vascular exams where it can be difficult to scan a patient and reach the panel at the same time, without losing sight on the monitor.

The wireless tablet is also ideal for scanning in mobile environments, sterile situations and for infection control to protect the system from possible contamination.